The small RNA Workbench Version 4.2 ALPHA

The small RNA Workbench Version 4.2 ALPHA: Released: 20/06/2016

This release is the next Alpha test for the latest version of the workbench,
Version 4.0 (check the frequently encountered problems for a list of known issues).

This version is released as java binaries only to streamline the release process until the software moves into the stable release stage of its lifecycle



  1. All linux binaries are now compiled as 64bit removing the need to install the 32bit libraries prior to running the software
  2. Bug fixes and stability improvements

miRCat 1 (Version 3.2)

  1. Fixed the show genome browser view

RNA Annotation

  1. Fixed the issues with hairpin sequences not rendering


  1. Fixed the issues with the VisSR tool not having required resources included within the most recent build


  1. Chromosome headers can now be much longer than in previous versions (very long chromosome headers such as those found in scaffolded files caused the software to crash)