The small RNA Workbench Version 4.2.2 ALPHA

The small RNA Workbench Version 4.2.2 ALPHA: Released: 08/11/2016

This release is the next Alpha test for the latest version of the workbench, Version 4.0 (check the frequently encountered problems for a list of known issues).

This version is released as java binaries only to streamline the release process until the software moves into the stable release stage of its lifecycle.

This release is only available as an ON DISK mode build.


General HotFix

  1. Fixed an issue that stopped menus from showing in the latest update to the JRE


  1. Workflow menus now have arrows showing direction of work
  2. Bug fixes to plot visualisations
  3. Bug fixes for legacy Version 3.2 code
  4. Bug fixes for command line access
  5. New shorter workflows added
  6. Performance improvements