This site and the tools it contains were developed in the Computational Biology Laboratory at the University of East Anglia (UEA):

Group Leaders
Professor Vincent Moulton
Professor Tamas Dalmay

Current Workbench Developers
Dr Geoffrey Guile
Joshua Thody

Current Tool Developers
Salma Alzahrani 
Dr Leighton Folkes (School of Biological Sciences, UEA)
Dr Irina Mohorianu (Oxford Vaccine Group)

Previous Developers
Dr Christopher S. Applegate (Aviva)
Dr Matthew L. Beckers
Dr Daniel Mapleson (Earlham Institute, NRP)
Dr Simon Moxon (School of Biological Sciences, UEA)
Dr Claudia Paicu
Dr Frank Schwach (Sanger Institute, Cambridge)
Dr Matthew B. Stocks (Aviva)
Dr Hugh Woolfenden (John Innes Centre, NRP)

Other contributors
Prof D Baulcombe (University of Cambridge)
Dr Dan MacLean (The Sainsbury Laboratory, NRP)
Dr Helio Pais
Dr David Studholme (University of Exeter)

IT support
Russell Smith (School of Computing Sciences, UEA)

A suite of tools for analysing micro RNA and other small RNA data from High-Throughput Sequencing devices