RNA Annotation Tutorial

Welcome to the RNA Annotation tutorial

If you wish to complete the tutorial yourself, please download the files found here and follow the video tutorial.

Alternatively just watch the video below to get an idea of how to use the sRNA Workbench to create secondary structure plots of RNA sequences and highlight regions of interest.

Generating secondary structure plots from RNA sequences

Data used in the tutorial:

Text File:
(found in the TutorialData download in: TutorialData/HAIRPINS)

Download Video:
Closed Format: “MP4”
Open Format: “OGG”

  • Anita

    I was trying to fold the precusor sequences of a known premiRNA sequence, but once I click on “Generate Hairpin” it is showing an error message saying “Entred Hairpin sequence did not fold”. kindly guide, why I am getting this error message.

    • The sRNA Workbench

      Hi Anita,

      It should only return this error if the sequence returns no structure. Can you let me know the sequence and the miRNA code and I will have a look?


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