The UEA Small RNA Workbench Version 3.01 Alpha

The UEA Small RNA Workbench Version 3.01 Alpha: Released: 21/05/2013

Please note this is the second Alpha release of Version 3.0 so we can run further tests on our new tool CoLide and provide some requested functionality. I am closing in on a stable V3.0 release with many new features and fixes that have been reported to me. When the stable release is available the final version code of the software will change to 3.0



Added code to set the locale at run time. This is to fix any problems found by people running on a machine that is using ‘,’ for decimal points


  • The CoLIde program now conducts the significance test on the top 4 most abundant size classes in the putative locus (previously it was always using sizes 21-24)
  • When starting the tool after samples have been added to the correct areas, the program will analyse the data and provide the user with a bar chart of size class distributions. The top four sizes will then be displayed in a pop up window. At this point the user can continue with the auto detected values or modify them before continuing


  • Added a new logger for testing in the miRCat program. Activate using the check box on the parameters window. The Logger should be completely thread safe and will track all sequences examined by miRCat and tell you why they were not classified as a miRNA (or complete details if they were). File can be found in the log directory “miRCat_Info.log” Once again, this is an alpha feature and may not work as intended…