sRNA Workbench Version 2.4.0

sRNA Workbench Version 2.4.0: Released: 08/05/2012

Includes: a major overhaul of several internal program features, a brand new “file history” feature called the History Browser, some small bug fixes and behaviour modifications relating to all operating systems and several tools:


  • a brand new feature has been added to the workbench! The History Browser allows users to easily select files that have been accessed or created by other tools in the UEA sRNA Workbench. Further information on the History Browser can be found here


  • miRCat is now able to properly scan for open ports when attempting to begin a job. The program will now simply skip over any ports that are in use when setting up a pool of threads to process a job

Adapter Removal:

  • A GUI layout issue causing the start buttons to be hidden on certain screen resolutions has been resolved


  • A new video tutorial section has been added to the website! Find the tutorials for all tools here. The files required to complete the tutorials can be found here
  • A new page found here gives a brief overview of the UEA sRNA Workbench and what kind of operations it can perform including links to the tool that should be used for the required operation and the tutorial for that tool
  • Updates to the internal help pages including additional information on the non-redundant file format used in the UEA sRNA Workbench and a new page for the History Browser


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  • yang fei

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