sRNA Workbench Version 2.3

sRNA Workbench Version 2.3: Released: 06/03/2012

Includes brand new tool!

PAREsnip a tool for detecting targets of miRNAs evidenced through the degradome using the PARE analysis technique.

The PAREsnip tool is available from the standard tools menu. For more information please visit the PAREsnip pages

and bug fixes/functional improvements to existing tools relating to several tools for all operating systems:

  • SiLoCo file select menu now allows for “appending” file names using the file open dialogue (previous version only allowed multi select of files in the same directory)
  • Entering file paths by hand should now function correctly from SiLoCo
  • Sorting columns in SiLoCo was previously incorrectly using a lexicographic sort. It now sorts columns containing pure numerical data with a numerical sort
  • SiLoCo now has an export function allowing users to export all data from the main table to CSV file for use in a spreadsheet program
  • A problem when selecting “render all hairpins” from the RNA annotation tool on MacOS was causing files not to be written under certain circumstances. This should now be working correctly
  • Timing and logging for all tools is applied to all tools in a consistent style
  • Default file filter for miRCat when starting a new project is now FASTA instead of .patman