sRNA Workbench Version 2.3.1

sRNA Workbench Version 2.3.1: Released: 09/03/2012

Includes bug fix (relating to a problem in Java 1.7) and small changes to two existing tools:

  • The update miRBase problem found when running the software through Java 1.7 has been temporarily worked around (as long as you are running the program from the sRNAWorkbenchStartup.jar). A more robust fix is intended for a future release but is dependant on Oracle releasing a fix for the Java Runtime Environment.
  • miRCat params, the default p-val for plants was incorrectly set at 0.5. This has now been changed to 0.05 to allow for a more accurate result set (this value can be modified through the parameter browser window)
  • SiLoCo parameter browser has gone through a slight overhaul. There is now no default for plants and animals and just one default parameters button (this made more sense)
  • SiLoCo now has no hard limit on sequence length and will allow extremely long sRNA reads to be included
  • Fixed a problem that could occasional cause a division by 0 in SiLoCo (causing strange looking output strings within the table or CSV)
  • Fixed a problem in SiLoCo that could cause a non-serious null pointer exception during repaint if the window was minimised
  • Modified the logging code because it had the potential to miss certain parts of the stack trace during an exception