Some information on changes to our website

We have made some updates to the website, some related to recent issues delivering feeds and some in preparation for the next software release along with a new set of tutorials pages!

RSS Feed information

You will notice that there is a new feed option on the main website page. You can now choose to subscribe to: our entire feed (to get all the details in one place), our publications feed (to only receive news on publications) and our software downloads feed (to only receive news on software downloads). Most feed readers will allow you to filter categories of information as you desire so for most people, the main feed will be fine. For anyone subscribed already you will not need to change anything but you will notice the publications have begun to appear in the feed once more!

Some new pages on the website

I have begun work on a complete set of tutorials for the sRNA Workbench. Each tool has its own tutorials page with a short video showing basic usage with some test data provided on the source forge downloads. You can just watch the videos to get an idea of the tool or download the data and follow the video yourself. For further information please visit the main tutorials pages found at: