Welcome to the UEA sRNA Workbench

The UEA sRNA workbench is a simple to use, downloadable sRNA software package based on algorithms developed in the Computational Biology Laboratory at the University of East Anglia (UEA) for the original UEA sRNA Toolkit that will perform a complete analysis of single or multiple-sample small RNA datasets from both plants and animals to identify interesting landmarks (such as detection of novel micro RNA sequences) or other tasks such as profiling small RNA expression patterns in genetic data. Publications on RNA from the UEA Computational Biology Laboratory are listed here.

For quick start instructions on using the sRNA Workbench please visit the Using the Workbench pages

For a quick overview of what the UEA sRNA Workbench can do for you, and which tool you should select for the task, please visit this page.

The Workbench can be downloaded from here.

A cloud-based version of the the Workbench is available on Amazon Web Services. For instructions on accessing and running it please visit this page.

A complete list of the functionality offered in the UEA sRNA Workbench and detailed help on each tool can be found at the Individual Tools and Workflows pages. In addition, an extensive help menu is available from the sRNA Workbench when running in GUI mode.

In addition please visit our YouTube Channel or our Tutorials pages for videos on how to use our tools.

No installation is required. To execute any version of the software in GUI mode simply extract all files in the zip archive and launch the sRNAWorkbenchStartup.jar program found within your extracted directory. Alternatively, you can launch separate tools from the command line following the instructions found here.

If you use the UEA sRNA Workbench in your research please visit our How To Cite Us pages

Tips on installing and using the Workbench can be found on our Frequently Encountered Problems  page. 

A suite of tools for analysing micro RNA and other small RNA data from High-Throughput Sequencing devices